Sunday, January 4, 2015

Day 4 - 30 Paintings in 30 Days

River Willows | Pastel | 5x7

Another inspiration from our Cod Fish Falls Trail* hike on Friday.  

Rivers are so splendid in the winter! I think they have more color morphs in them than in the summer.  The sage green willows of the spring/summer/fall are now reddish branches, bare and spiky, reflecting into the water colors that are not intent on reflecting the sky in the summer's brilliant sunshine, but rather filled with nuances of the rainbow.  
When we saw this bend in the river on our way back, I was most taken with the reddish reflections in the water, but when I played with cropping my photo, the scene above begged to be painted.

I'm having a blast painting this challenge! For the past 3 years, each spring/summer/fall has been excitingly filled with multiple paint outs - week long events (7 last year!) where I go away and paint with a group of artists in an allotted period of time for a show at the end of it.  This is intense as well but leaves me with time during the day to attend to my 'normal' life. Winters were filled with me kicking back. Now I'm full of energy and can say 'Wow! I've kept one resolution for 4 whole days! Yowser!'

* part of Auburn, Ca Recreational Area

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